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As we focus on issues around diversity, equity and inclusion, we welcome a variety of perspectives, experiences and opinions. At Branksome, Social-Emotional Learning is one of our main priorities, and this includes “social awareness.” Social awareness is defined by The Collaborative for Academic Social and Emotional Learning (CASEL) as “the ability to take the perspective of an empathize with others, including those from diverse backgrounds and cultures.”

At Branksome, we also have both affinity and alliance groups which give members of our community the opportunity to get involved. We are also open to the creation and development of new clubs, groups and initiatives.

Community Clubs at Branksome Hall

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  • Afghan Women's Organization Newcomer Homework Club +

    The Afghan Women’s Organization newcomer Homework Club supports newcomer children in the Greater Toronto Area with their homework every Thursday night over Zoom. Our student volunteers fill a need that newcomer parents find helpful, specifically supporting their children with homework in English-medium schools and new understandings of the Ontario school system.
  • ASL & Deaf Culture Awareness Club +

    This club meets bi-weekly to learn ASL from videos created by members of the deaf community. The purpose of this club is for students to learn basic ASL, to raise awareness regarding the existence, use and importance of ASL and bring visibility of deaf issues, deaf culture and deaf people.
  • Best Buddies +

    The Best Buddies partnership between Branksome Hall and Rosedale School of the Arts is a multifaceted program that promotes inclusivity, builds friends, enhances student social skills and encourages personal growth. Students from both schools meet once a month to get to know each other, make art and do physical activities.
  • Black Students' Union +

    The Black Students’ Union is an inclusive environment where Black students can thrive academically, socially and culturally. Through education, advocacy and community involvement, members amplify diverse Black voices. The union organizes events (for example, dinners, Assemblies and film viewings) and fosters unity among all students. Students also participate in the Inter-School Black Student Alliance Network.
  • Boarding Council +

    The Boarding Council offers student leadership opportunities within the Boarding community. The Boarding Prefect and the elected council members build a sense of community through special events, initiatives and planned programming to add to the Boarding experience. Boarding Council is a rewarding experience that allows Boarding students to become young leaders in their community.
  • Diversity Council (Senior & Middle School) +

    The Diversity Council creates and hosts student initiatives to support Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Branksome Hall. As members of the council, students work on hands-on projects such as student panels, grade-run activities, presentations on DEI-related topics, writing projects and whole-school events like the Walk for Wenjack. The aim of the council is to  foster a welcoming environment for all members of the school community.
  • Dungeons and Dragons Club +

    The Dungeons and Dragons Club meets after school to play tabletop roleplaying games, using imagination to engage in collaborative storytelling. Members learn to problem-solve and communicate effectively, and overcome challenges as a team. The Dungeons and Dragons Club’s vision is to provide a safe and accepting space for students to develop friendships and explore their passions for gaming, storytelling and adventure.
  • Francophonie +

    This club promotes cultural awareness, language learning, social integration and personal development skills among students by immersing themselves in the French language, art, music, cuisine and other aspects of French culture. Students involved in the club take on leadership roles such as organizing events and coordinating activities in an effort to broaden cultural horizons and deepen appreciation for cultural diversity across our school.
  • Gender Sexuality Alliance (Senior & Middle School) +

    The GSA creates safe and supportive spaces for LGBTQ+ students and allies to gather, discuss relevant issues, meet like-minded individuals and foster a sense of community and acceptance within the school environment. Its purpose is to promote understanding, tolerance and inclusivity, offering resources, advocacy and social activities for students regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity. The GSA may organize events during Pride week, such as the Pride Assembly, and provide education on LGBTQ+ topics.
  • International Students Association +

    The International Students Association provides a safe and supportive space for international students, Boarding students, third-culture kids and friends to meet, socialize and discuss issues relevant to their experience at Branksome Hall. The club meets once a month to discuss issues such as culture shock, making friends in a new culture and settling into life in Toronto and Canada. We also learn about and celebrate each other's cultures. Students in this association also become penpals and mentors to new international students to help them prepare for life at Branksome Hall.
  • Interschool Gender Sexuality Alliance (iGSA) +

    This is a safe and supportive space for LGBTQ+ students and allies to gather, discuss relevant issues, meet like-minded individuals and foster a sense of community and acceptance with participants from a variety of independent schools across the GTA. This club is hosted once a month by each of the independent schools in turn.
  • Jewish Alliance +

    The Jewish Cultural Club's purpose is to celebrate and share Jewish culture and learn more about it as a group. Students discuss relevant issues, meet peers across grades and foster a sense of community within the school environment. The club functions as a space for both Jewish and non-Jewish participants.
  • Middle School Diversity & GSA +

    A safe, brave and supportive space for students with different identities to gather, discuss relevant issues, meet like-minded individuals, learn from each other and pass on learning and shared experiences with our Middle School community through Assembly participation, bulletin boards, events and initiatives. Its purpose is to promote understanding, connection and inclusivity, offering resources, advocacy and social activities for students of all identities.
  • Peer Promoters +

    The Peer Promoters are two-three students from each grade who plan well-being initiatives for their grade.
  • Service Learning Council +

    Two students are elected by their peers to create the Service Learning Council that is led by the Service Learning Prefect. The council runs school-wide initiatives as well as divisional initiatives throughout the year that are based around reciprocity. The council also brings student service learning ideas or wants forward to ensure we are meeting both local and global needs.
  • South and East Asian Culture Alliance +

    This alliance group meets Fridays to explore and understand their own sense of identity as students who identify as part of these diasporas. There are four club heads who work together to facilitate meaningful discussions, as well as plan fun games and activities. Students from Grades 7–12 are welcome.
  • Sunny View Public School Partnership +

    Branksome Hall is partnered with Sunny View Public School as part of our Service Learning program. Sunny View is a congregated special education TDSB school for students with significant medical, physical, cognitive and behavioral complexities. In this partnership, Branksome Hall students are matched with a Sunny View classroom and visit every Wednesday morning to provide socialization and friendship.
  • Wandering Spirits Reading Program +

    Wandering Spirit, also known as Kapapamahchakwew School, provides Indigenous children with an opportunity to learn about Anishinaabe cultural traditions in a nurturing, caring environment. Volunteers meet with Kindergarten students weekly to read with them one-on-one.

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We always welcome questions and feedback about our school, our community and our DEI practices. For any questions or comments, please contact Dr. Mira Gambhir, Head, Research & Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at 416-920-6265, ext. 361 or dei@branksome.on.ca.
We wish to acknowledge this land on which Branksome operates. For thousands of years, it has been the traditional land of the Huron-Wendat, the Seneca, and most recently, the Mississaugas of the Credit River. Today, this meeting place is still the home to many Indigenous peoples from across Turtle Island and we are grateful to have the opportunity to work and go to school on this land.

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