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Slingshot Innovation Academy

Slingshot Innovation Academy

When we empower girls and young women to embrace an innovation mindset and entrepreneurial spirit, it puts them at the leading-edge of possibility.

The Slingshot Innovation Academy propels students on a learning trajectory like no other, as they tackle real-world problems, gain hands-on experience, learn from industry experts, and discover technology-driven solutions to re-invent the world as we know it.
At the heart of its creative approach is teamwork, building leadership, marketing and presentation skills to enable students to turn their ideas into realities. Rigorous standards and a comprehensive approach mean brighter careers for our students. 
Not to mention a brighter future for all of us.

Slingshot Studio Programs

Design Technology Studio

For girls ages 12–15
July 2 to 12, 2024
Branksome Hall’s iHub
Sample daily schedule

Unleashing Creativity Through Coding, Design Thinking and Design Technology

An innovative mindset is essential to successfully addressing the complex challenges of our ever-changing world. This transformative workshop will empower young women to integrate creative thinking and design technologies with an entrepreneurial spirit so they can thrive in a rapidly evolving landscape.

Whether you’re an experienced coder, an emerging designer or innovator, or a newcomer to these exciting fields, we encourage you to embark on a journey of exploration and creativity—the future needs you.

Cost: $2,300 (Includes all lunches, snacks and mentorship opportunities)

Key Features

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  • Guided Experiences

    Engage in immersive and hands-on activities led by industry and educational experts, providing a unique opportunity to explore the practical applications of Coding, Design Thinking and Design Technology.
  • Exploration

    Delve into the practical applications of each discipline through sessions that unravel design, the art of Coding and Design Thinking.
  • Collaborative Learning

    Foster a collaborative approach that encourages knowledge sharing and builds confidence and networking among participants. Work alongside like-minded young women to tackle real-world challenges and gain insights from diverse perspectives.
  • Innovation Challenges

    Push boundaries and test your skills and creativity through innovation challenges that will challenge you to apply your knowledge to solve real-world problems and witness the tangible impact of your solutions.
  • Practical Applications

    Bridge the gap between theory and practice by applying learning to real-life scenarios. Explore how Coding and Design Thinking are integral components of modern problem-solving.
  • Design Technology Showcase

    Showcase your newfound skills and innovative projects in a design technology exhibition. Receive feedback from experts and peers, fostering a culture of continuous improvement and optimization.

Noodle Studio

For girls ages 12–15
July 2 to 12, 2024
Branksome Hall’s iHub
Sample daily schedule

A unique and exciting opportunity to develop an entrepreneurial mindset, build confidence, and gain valuable real-world experience.

An entrepreneurial mindset is not just about starting a business, but about developing the skills and attitudes necessary to navigate the challenges of life. Students will learn to get comfortable with risk, view failure as a growth opportunity, and see the world through the lens of opportunity instead of problems. We encourage creativity, critical thinking and collaboration skills, and also focus on building presentation skills (pitching).

This dynamic and adaptable program will ensure each participant has a personalized and enjoyable learning experience. The schedule is adjusted based on feedback and progress from participants so each person leaves with a sense of accomplishment and greater confidence in their abilities.

Students will engage in interactive activities and collaborate with industry experts who will help develop the skills and mindset to set them up for success.

Cost: $2,300 (Includes all lunches, snacks and mentorship opportunities)

Explore iHub

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  • Ubiquitous Technology

    Access to 3D printers, laser cutters, virtual reality headsets and more.

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  • Pitch & Collaboration Space

    iHub is set up for all kinds of exploration, prototyping and co-operative learning.

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  • Design Studio

    Unleash creativity, test ideas and advance your design technology skills.

Meet the Instructors

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  • Aidan Hammond

    Head of Design Technology, Branksome Hall Asia
    Read Bio
  • Yoon Kang

    Curriculum Innovation and Technology Coordinator, Branksome Hall
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  • What are the eligibility requirements for participants? +

    Participants must be between the ages of 12–15 and have an interest in learning more about design technology, entrepreneurship and building the associated skills. Applicants are asked to describe, for instructor planning purposes, why they want to participate in the Slingshot Studio Program.
  • Do I have to pay the full cost upfront? And what payment methods are available? +

    A $500 deposit is required at the time of registration. The balance of the course fee is due on May 1st, and will automatically be charged to the credit card or bank account provided for the deposit. Payments can be made by eCheck or credit card. (Note: Payments made by credit card will incur a 2% processing fee.)
  • What is your cancellation policy? +

    All cancellations must be made in writing to the Slingshot Innovation Academy at

    Cancellations Prior to April 30: A full refund, minus a $250 administrative fee, will be issued for cancellations prior to April 30. 

    Cancellations from May 1 to June 1: Cancellations received between May 1 and June 1 will receive a full refund minus an administration fee of $500.  

    Cancellations after June 1 are not eligible for a refund, unless the cancellation is related to medical reasons and accompanied by a doctor’s note, at which point a partial refund of up to 50% may be granted, at the discretion of the SIA. Please reach out to the SIA about the information required in a doctor’s note supporting a refund request. These partial medical refunds are only available for students who must miss three or more consecutive days of the course. No refund is available for full or partial day absences due to inclement weather or any course activities/field trips not fully utilized.

    Please note that should you cancel a session and you are eligible for a refund, the 2% processing fee for credit card payments is not refundable at any time for any reason.

    Branksome Hall and the Slingshot Innovation Academy reserve the right to cancel/change any course at any time, in which case a full refund will be issued for any payment previously made in relation to that course. You will be notified by email of any changes or cancellations.
  • What type of food is provided? +

    Each day, participants will receive a nutritious and delicious hot lunch prepared by our in-house food service staff, as well as a morning and afternoon snack. A copy of our menu will be provided closer to the program start date. For those with concerns, packing an alternative lunch and snacks is recommended. Please keep in mind that the Branksome Hall campus is a nut-free and scent-free environment. Vegetarian, gluten-free and options addressing other food limitations are available to those with allergies/restrictions noted in the initial application. Lunch is included in the application fee and there is no reduction in fee for providing your own alternative meals or snacks.
  • What are the hours of the program and where is pickup/dropoff?

    The Slingshot Studio programs take place each day from 9:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Participants may be dropped off and picked up on Sherbourne Street North, near Elm Avenue, which is a short walk to Branksome Hall’s iHub, located at #10 Elm Avenue. Please note that since all lunches and snacks are provided throughout the day, participants are expected to stay on Branksome Hall’s campus.
  • Are participants expected to bring their own computers?

    Each student is required to bring their own device. Minimum requirements are as follows:

    Operating system: Windows 10 or 11 or macOS 11.7+ (no iPads/tablets or Chromebooks as some Slingshot Innovation Academy software requires full laptop operating systems)

    Memory (RAM): 8 GB minimum, 16 GB recommended

    Processor (CPU): Intel Core i5 processor or higher, AMD Ryzen 5 or higher, or Apple M1 or higher

    Storage (SSD): 256 GB or higher
  • Can participants sign out and leave campus on their own at the end of the day?

    Students will be permitted to sign-in at the beginning of the day and sign-out at the end of the day without the presence of a parent/guardian. Once signed in, students must remain on campus for the duration of the day, unless signed out by a parent/guardian (advance notice is requested). More details regarding drop-off and pick-up will be sent closer to the course dates.

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