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Learning Strategies

Every learner is an Individual

Differentiation is important for helping students find success as learners. Our Learning Strategies department offers a differentiated support model both in and out of the classroom, as well as early literacy intervention. We also offer before and after school homework support.
Branksome Hall’s Learning Strategies Program provides support to all of our students and faculty at every level. Our team of professionals supports student learning by doing the following:
  • Helping students identify their individual learning strengths and needs.
  • Helping students develop learning strategies that match their individual learning profiles.
  • Helping teachers build a repertoire of teaching strategies to differentiate classroom instruction.

Some of our reasons for offering a Learning Strategies Program:
  • All students need to learn “how to learn.”
  • Some students have an identified learning need.
  • Some students want support with a specific subject.
  • Some students want support with a specific learning task.
  • Some students will need support with planning, organization and time management.
  • Some students will need short-term support to catch up after an extended illness, an injury, or an emotional trauma.

How do we provide academic support?
  • Support for literacy and numeracy is provided in the Junior School.
  • Students in the Senior and Middle Schools are enrolled in the General Learning Strategies Course.
  • Individualized Learning Strategies Plans are provided for students with identified learning needs.
  • Testing accommodations for students on Learning Strategies Plans are provided through the Learning Strategies Program.
  • Senior and Middle School students are invited to participate in workshops on topics such as organization, planning, attention, sleep, study skills, exam preparation and adaptive technology.
  • Students may participate in the Peer Tutoring Program as tutors or tutees.

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