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Leadership at Branksome Hall is more than a title and a new tie. When you’re a Branksome student, leadership becomes a way of life. Branksome strives to nurture “transformational leaders.”

Transformational leaders take initiative, create opportunities, reinforce change and generate enthusiasm for their vision. They transcend self-interest by challenging and inspiring others to have the confidence to excel and the motivation to contribute in valuable and authentic ways to their communities.

At Branksome Hall, transformational leaders are adaptable, positive role models who do the following:
  • Empower and motivate others
  • Encourage a growth mindset and risk taking in self and others
  • Uplift and encourage others to be open to new possibilities
  • Listen actively, collaborate and communicate effectively
  • Support the values and traditions of the communities

Branksome Hall

10 Elm Ave, Toronto, ON, Canada
M4W 1N4
Canada. South Korea

Toronto’s only all-girls, all-years, IB World School.
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