What's Noodle? 

Noodle is a revolutionary Branksome Hall accelerator program that helps students develop and harness their powers of imagination.

Noodle’s ultimate goal is to balance the significant gender gap across current science, technology, engineering and entrepreneurial landscapes.

It’s a one-of-a-kind program that nurtures, identifies, then brings our students’ most inventive ideas to life with the support of faculty, expert advisors and entrepreneurs. Students gain an unforgettable hands-on learning experience that teaches them how to innovate, adapt and thrive.

Of course, students don’t have to be enrolled in the Noodle program for it to enrich their academic experience. Noodle opens the door to more experiential learning opportunities and more curriculum focused on creative problem-solving for all students at Branksome Hall.

It’s one more way we’re preparing our students to lead the way in shaping a better world.

Why participate in Noodle? 

If you successfully apply to the Noodle accelerator program, you’ll be invited to participate in one-of-a-kind program designed to develop your innovative and entrepreneurial skills.

With the support and mentorship of real-world experts and entrepreneurs, you’ll have the unique opportunity to transform your innovative ideas into a tangible product, venture or solution.