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Latin Champions

From ancient jewelry making and fashion design, skits, swimming and discus throw – our Classics Club members can do it all. “It’s so impressive what these students do,” said Theresa Fuller, Latin teacher and Classics Club supervisor.
At the 50th annual Ontario Student Classics Conference, six Branksome students put their talents to the test, competing against nearly 400 other students from 18 schools. “It’s an impressive amount of students from across Ontario who are taking Latin and going to this conference,” said Ms Fuller.

The four-day event, held at Brock University, allows students the chance to celebrate the culture and languages of ancient Greece and Rome. “It’s really cool for the students to go and see that Latin is very lively and the students have so much fun at the event,” said Ms Fuller.

The conference hosts over 100 competitions divided into three streams: academic, athletic and creative. “We represented all the streams but we really pushed for the athletics because the past two years we’ve brought home the Top Per Capita Athletics Trophy, so we had the goal to bring it home again,” said Ms Fuller, proudly adding that Branksome won it again for the third consecutive year. Helping to earn that award, Branksome won or placed in numerous athletic competitions, including swim (girls relay, 50m and 100m), footraces, discus throw and tug of war.

The Classics Club also came fourth in Overall Points Per Capita between the three streams and came second in a challenging Written Latin Derivatives Contest. “What I was most proud of, more than the ribbons the students got, was their attitude,” said Ms Fuller. “They were model IB students at this conference – they collaborated, they were so curious and they showed open mindedness. I commend the whole group on their brilliant team spirit, humour and good cheer!”

Classics Club meets once a week and members are already preparing and excited to participate at the conference again in May 2019.

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