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Advertise (like a girl)

Move over, Don Draper — there is a new advertising firm in town. Grade 6 students Scarlett, Ellen, Grace and Chloe have created a custom advertising campaign promoting girls in sports as part of their culminating IB Primary Years Program (PYP) exhibition.
“All four of us were interested in advertising as a topic,” says Scarlett. “Creating the ads was a way for us to take action in our learning.”

The campaign features images of girls participating in a sport or activity they love, captured mid-motion. Each advertisement includes a variation on the “like a girl” tagline and is inspired by Branksome’s own marketing campaign, which showcases students using black and white photography.

“We were particularly inspired to make this our exhibition project because we do not typically see a lot of positive advertisements showing women,” adds Ellen.

In addition to researching, strategizing, photographing and designing the advertisements over an intensive eight-week period, the four students also consulted with staff members from Branksome’s Advancement and Community Engagement Department on how their advertisements could reflect the school’s existing brand.

“These advertisements have gone through a long process and have lots of meaning behind them,” says Grace.

The four students hope these advertisements, which are on display around campus, will encourage the Branksome community to do what they love.

“Learning at an all-girls school has taught us the importance of inspiring young girls to pursue their dreams,” adds Chloe.

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