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Salutations! A Spellbinding Charlotte’s Web

“Terrific, radiant, humble” – not only are these three words woven by Charlotte the spider in her web, but they perfectly describe the beautiful Middle School Theatre Ensemble production of Charlotte’s Web.
Adapted from the book by E.B. White, the classic tale was thoughtfully portrayed by 18 talented Grade 7 and 8 students. The cast and crew brought to life the story of a pig named Wilbur who’s afraid of being slaughtered and who yearns for true friendship. He then befriends Charlotte, a gentle barn spider, who weaves special messages in her web about Wilbur in hopes that the farmers will see them and spare his life.

The acting was spellbinding and students demonstrated the story’s themes of friendship, loyalty and determination on and off the stage. “From this experience I gained confidence, collaborated with others and made some great friends,” said Hanneli, a Grade 7 student. “Being in the play has taught me the importance of trust,” added Lily, a Grade 8 student. “This is important because in order for the play to be successful, the cast and crew need to be able to trust both themselves and each other to take risks.”

For some, the experience was also about going beyond their comfort zone. “I had never been part of a production before but I knew this was a safe space to try new things so I auditioned,” said Hana, a Grade 7 student. While for others it was a chance to strengthen their acting skills: “I like becoming different characters and learning new personalities,” said Selma, a Grade 7 student. “I chose to be in the play because I have a passion for Drama, I like to be on stage and I enjoy public speaking,” added Stella, a Grade 7 student.

The Middle School cast and crew were led by Ms Helsby, Drama teacher, and by five Grade 9 students who formed the Artistic team. “I learned a lot about the process of blocking and shaping a production,” said Grade 9 student Christiana, an Assistant Director.

Congratulations to all of the students who spent months preparing for this heartfelt production, whether as part of the cast or on one of the many crews, including set painting, sound and lighting. Bravo!

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