Meet Ava

The Dancer
Ava says Branksome has helped her discover passions she never knew she had – such as dance, which she now does competitively.

“I hadn’t even realized I liked dance that much or had a talent until I took dance as one of my electives,” recalls Ava, who loves mastering choreography and getting up before an audience.

“Branksome welcomes you to try anything.”

She started with jazz, and in Grade 10 formed a hip-hop dance club at Branksome. “I actually started it with my friend. All we had to do was fill out an application and get a Teacher Supervisor.”

Learning about and better understanding different cultures is another one of Ava’s passions. As a mixed-race student and a member of Branksome’s Afri-View Club, she participated at an assembly about black culture.

“It was eye-opening to hear the perspectives of people of colour,” she says.

Going into her second last year at Branksome, Ava (whose favourite subject is Science) plans to join the Debating and Public Speaking Society and try out for the Soccer team.

“Branksome makes it so you can join or try out for something anytime,” she points out. “The environment is very supportive.”

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