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 Meet Our Donors

  Jacqueline (Jacqui) SZETO Meiers87 and Bradley Meiers
  Parents of Rachel


I arrived at Branksome Hall in Grade 11 and had a wonderful experience in the Residence Program. Branksome helped me to believe in myself and to shoot for the stars. It gave me the tools to achieve and define my own success.

I was scared but excited to be away from home. It was a big step for me, given that I had never been away from my family. But I discovered that it was one of the best experiences of my life. Residence taught me independence and how to deal with people, and it taught me survival skills amongst a bunch of teenagers! I even became Head of Residence and Co-Head of the Debating Team.

Brad and I are so happy that our daughter, Rachel, is now attending Branksome Hall. Branksome gave me opportunities, and it believed in me. We know that Branksome will give future students those great opportunities, too! We know that our family's donation will make a difference.

                                                 Jacqui SZETO Meiers'87




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