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Daily Routines

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  • Will there be access to drinking fountains on campus?

    Individuals may not drink directly from water fountains. We kindly ask everyone to bring a reusable water bottle to campus, which can be refilled throughout the day, and is clearly labeled with a name.
  • I am not sure I can remember everything. Where will our new protocols be posted?

    Signage will be posted at entrances, exits, in halls, classrooms and boarding houses, reminding and instructing our community to: monitor COVID-19 and remain home if ill; and how to access on-campus wellness services.
  • My child has severe allergies. Is it safe to have lunches in the classroom?

    A "no sharing policy" is in place and our enhanced deep cleaning, hand-washing and hygiene regimens are also effective protocols for allergen risk-mitigation. This includes disinfecting and sanitizing twice per day during lunch/spare/recess and after school along with deep cleaning every evening.
  • What can I bring on campus?

    Students will not have access to their lockers in the fall and are encouraged to limit the quantity of personal belongings brought onto campus. Any items brought to campus must be clearly labeled and kept within an individual’s designated spaces or school bags. Though hand sanitizer will be provided on campus, we encourage students to bring their own travel supply of hand sanitizer and moisturizer each day.
  • Where will students eat their lunch?

    Students will bring lunch each day and eat in class; no sharing will be permitted. An optional meal-ordering system will be available, with details to come. Hygiene guidelines will include pre -and post-meal handwashing. 
  • Will visitors be allowed on campus?

    For the safety of our community, until further notice, only students and employees will be permitted inside campus buildings. No visitors, including parents, will be allowed in campus buildings unless deemed essential to the daily operations of the school. Any visitors deemed essential are expected to complete the daily screening process and must follow campus guidelines and expectations.


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Health and Safety

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  • What is the rationale for the uniform modifications?

    Due to hygiene and dry-cleaning requirements, blazers will not be required this year and black pants or BH navy pants are an option, as are BH sweatpants or black leggings. Our decision considers student comfort, as we recognize the uncertainty and emotion that will likely accompany return. Most importantly, we selected these items to ensure students can wear something that is easily washed each day.

Junior School

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Senior & Middle School

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  • With the dining hall closed, how will meals work?

    A cold lunch program is available, with several sandwich and salad options. All meals will be delivered to class and students should bring their own drinks or additional food items. 
  • How do we order the meal plan?

    Bookmark the Aramark ordering website. You’ll be ordering meals in segments and will need to note order deadlines. All meals must be ordered a week in advance. (Monday, September 14 is the first deadline, for the segment starting September 21 and ending October 5.) 
  • Do we order for the full segment at once?

    Please note that, once an order is in your cart, you will need to select a date/time for each day’s selections, one at a time, before proceeding to checkout. 
  • What happens if we miss a segment deadline?

    Please email Julie Trudeau with your selections and she will manually enter the order and confirm receipt with you. Full information can be found here
  • Can you remind me how the modified semester model works?

    The year will be divided into two semesters. Each semester has four 20-class parts and we will alternate between each. Each day will consist of four and one-half course blocks for Senior School and five course blocks for Middle School. Each grade will be split into small groups for on-campus days, with a maximum of 15 students in the same space. Remote study days will consist of a mix of live Zoom meetings and asynchronous materials.
  • What is the rationale for the modified semester model?

    It is our greatest hope that we will be able to all be on campus again soon. Breaking the semesters into four parts of 20 classes each, allows us to pivot more easily from hybrid to fully on campus when we are allowed to do so. We will revisit each semester block at the end of each, and reassess, to ensure students and teachers/coaches are able to access the best we can give and still stay safe.
  • What support will be provided to Diploma 1 (Grade 11) and Diploma 2 (Grade 12) and what is the plan for the Diploma 1 transition?

    Teachers, as always, will continue to work with students to ensure that they have the necessary skills to be successful in the Diploma program. In the initial weeks of the DP 1 year, teachers will assist students in acquiring a full understanding of the expectations of their courses and types of assessments the students can expect, with emphasis on the importance of social-emotional learning to student success and well-being. Both DP 1 and DP 2 students will continue to have access to their guidance counsellors, the learning strategies team, the social worker and the diploma coordinator should they require further support.
  • Will friends be placed in the same groups on the modified schedule?

    The class building process is extremely complex, with multiple variables to be considered such as course selection, number of available sections, timetable conflicts, and room sizes. While we cannot make changes to class rosters based on parent requests, our guidance counsellors are happy to work with your daughter early in the year to develop her skills and competencies for developing close connections with the students in her classes.
  • Will students from the same family, in different grades, be able to attend school at the same time?

    Unfortunately, we cannot manage each family's unique situation to ensure they are on the same day because imbalances in class sizes occur. We will review our modified schedule models at the end of each semester block (20 classes), with the hopes that we can all return on campus soon.
  • Will the modified semester model affect this year’s GY class?

    The GY class was top of mind for this modified semester model. The rotation of semesters allows students to keep consistency and concurrency of learning well in hand while not juggling too much at any given moment. By breaking a semester into four parts and toggling back and forth every 20 classes, students need only juggle up to four courses at a time, without losing the concurrency of learning. Courses vary by student, depending on their choices, with the exception of Math: Analysis SL in Semester 1.


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