Virtual Tours

Virtual Tours

We invite you to explore our campus through our 3D Virtual Tour. In each tour, you can navigate by using your arrow keys or by using your mouse to click yourself through the hallways and into different rooms.

In the lower right hand corner of each tour you have the option to enter in fullscreen mode, which is recommended for your viewing purposes. You will also see an autoplay feature as well as a bar with Highlight images that you can click to take you directly to each space on the tour.

The red dots that are present throughout the tour are Points of Interest for your viewing - you will see videos, images and learn more about the different areas. The green dots are navigational and will take you directly to another area of the school.

Senior School & Admissions

Middle School

Athletics and Wellness Centre

Junior School

Boarding Facilities

Branksome Hall

10 Elm Ave, Toronto, ON, Canada
M4W 1N4
Canada. South Korea

Toronto’s only all-girls, all-years, IB World School.
Study abroad in grade 9.
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