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 Committees and Councils

Committees and Councils are excellent ways to be directly involved in student leadership.

For example, the Community Service Council plans and initiates community service activities for the Senior and Middle School throughout the year. Based on their annual theme they research agencies and causes that align with the theme and need our support. Then, they plan events and initiatives that will raise awareness and sometimes raise funds to support an agency or cause.

Another very active committee is the Student Life Committee, which raises student concerns and acts as a liaison between students and school administration. Each year, Student Life organizes a forum, where students bring suggestions about how to make the school a better place. They also organize Spirit Week for Senior and Middle School students.

Sustainability: GAIA Environmental Club
In this council, the students are passionate about helping the school to have sustainable practices and facilities. They have the support of the Sustainability Co-ordinator, a position in the school that oversees all of our green initiatives.

Community Service
Also supported by a Co-ordinator, the Comnunity Service Council includes members from all grades in the Senior School.

This council works towards supporting arts celebrations. They have representatives from all grades in the Senior and Middle School who work together to generate interest in arts events, create events such as IB Jammin' and Collage, and work with the Arts' Prefect.

Beta Kappa
This group of socially minded girls helps organize events between schools, such as dances and holiday events.

Our House
In the Middle School, students on the Our House Committee decorate the Middle School wing, organize community service events and run lunch-time activities for Mid Div students.

The Assembly Committee helps to organize the speakers and presentations for the monthly "Mid Div" assemblies. They also emcee the assembly and sometimes make a special appearance as the birthday fairy.

Clubs Task Force
This council oversees new club applications, reviews clubs' progress and sustainability, and works with various community groups such as IT, to ensure that clubs are supported.

Student Leadership Task Force
This committee periodically reviews the leadership model to ensure it is current and relevant.

Residence Councils
From planning activities and events to ensuring the meals meet everyone's tastes and dietary needs, the Residence Council works with residence staff, administrators and students to oversee life in Residence.

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