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There are eight clans in both the Junior School and Senior and Middle School, named for our Scottish roots.

For generations, clans have provided a forum for friendly sporting competition, charitable work, spirit-building and the transmission of traditions. Students enjoy belonging to their clan, a small cross-grade group within the school community that promotes school spirit.

Every student and every faculty member belongs to a clan, and Junior Clans are twinned with clans in the Senior and Middle School. Students moving from the Junior School to the Senior and Middle School will automatically be placed in their twinned Senior School clan. Clan placement is also determined by a sibling's clan or a related alumna's clan.

Each Senior and Middle School clan has a Senior Chieftain, elected by its own members, and an elected representative from Grade 8.

Senior Clans   Junior Clans
Campbell   MacDonald
Douglas   Robertson
MacGregor   Gordon
MacLean   Grant
McAlpine   Johnston
McLeod   Duncan
Ross   Bruce
Scott   Fraser

The intramural program of games and competitions is organized for clans, and is open to all Senior and Middle School students. These popular games and activities are  arranged by the Clan Council and the Athletics Council and usually take place at lunch.

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