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 Leadership Roles

What are the roles and how do they work?
When you have an elected or appointed role, there is a specific job description that goes with each one. Your club, group or even the school community expects its leaders to help bring activities, initiatives and events for the students and the school. For example, as the student head of Drama, you work with the Head of the Drama department to organize and deliver the annual Senior School Theatrical production. The members of the Sustainability Council bring us updates on our development as a green school, monitor our recycling efforts and bring us Earth Week activities and events.

Junior School Leadership Roles
  • Clan Leaders
  • Action Committee
  • Welcoming Committee
  • Ambassadors

Middle School Leadership
  • Clan Representatives
  • Assembly Committee
  • Our House Committee
  • Council Members
  • Club Heads
  • Student Life Representatives

Leadership roles in the Senior School
  • Prefects
  • Clan Chieftains
  • Student Life Representatives
  • MYP CAS Representatives
  • Alumnae and Parents' Association Representative
  • Club Heads
  • Ensemble Heads
  • Council Members
  • Athletics Team Captains
  • Peer Supporters

Residence Leadership
  • Junior Res Dons
  • House Heads
  • Committee Heads

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