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Experience being a performer, playwright, technician, designer or theatre critic!

Through Theatre Arts, students learn more than the art of drama: they learn about themselves and the world around them. This learning enhances the ability to listen, question, interpret, create, communicate, solve problems and reflect.

From a very early age, students have opportunities to perform in front of audiences, in class skits and musical productions presented for the entire Junior School.

In the higher grades, students can explore theatre through Middle School Drama, Grade 9 Drama and Senior Drama programs.

Through their Theatre Arts courses, senior students acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to perform, devise, plan and realize a theatre performance; they also design and realize an element of production and provide technical support in a theatre performance. They participate in theatre performances in the different roles of performer, director, designer and member of a production team.

They also explore the roots of world theatre traditions and cultural practices within diverse cultural and historical contexts.

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