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 International Exchanges

What is the Exchange Program?
Branksome's Exchange Program is an exciting opportunity for students to go on exchange to our partner schools throughout the world, and then, in turn, to host their exchange partner when she attends Branksome.

Exchange students will experience living with a family or boarding in another country, sharing school and family life, going on trips and vacations, and learning about the culture of another country. Their families will reciprocate when their partners come to Toronto.

Who can go on an exchange?
The exchange program is open to all students in Grades 8 to 10. We have approximately 30 exchange places available this year.

When and for how long?
Exchange visits range from two to five weeks in length. Branksome girls do not miss school, with the exception of the language immersion exchanges in Spain and Montreal, which take place during the spring break. All other departures take place from mid-June through July and August.

Our exchange visitors are welcomed to Branksome Hall at three different times during the school year. In the fall term any time from September through December; January and February (to include the Grade 9 Outward Bound trip) and any time after spring break through to mid-May.

What is the application and selection process?
Application forms are available upon request and should be submitted by the end of March for Spain. For all other exchanges, students are able to submit their first and second choices at the end of September. Teachers are asked to comment on:
  • applicants' academic progress, achievements and challenges, and their co-curricular, clubs and society involvement.

We also consider if students will have time to provide a caring, friendly hosting environment and if they will be good ambassadors for Branksome.

Our committee meets September/October to discuss all the applicantions and assign girls to the exchange spaces available, bearing in mind each applicant's first and second choice.

Once students have been selected and have agreed to participate, their profiles are sent to the exchange school abroad and both schools work together in pairing their girls. Students are paired with each other up to one year apart.

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