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 Our IB Advantage

At Branksome Hall, we encourage students to be open-minded and reflective, and we help them develop the confidence and leadership skills that will serve them well in life. We also aim to inspire girls to help shape a better world.

Our values and beliefs mesh perfectly with the International Baccalaureate (IB) Program, which we have adopted.

Branksome is a fully authorized IB World School, offering a liberal arts program that is designed to ignite a spark in each girl. We are committed to helping each student reach her full potential as she explores her own interests, builds positive relationships, and learns to understand the world around her. Students can explore a wide range of interests, including STEM-related fields and stimulating Arts courses.

Our faculty are committed to ensuring that each girl's learning needs are understood and met, and that each student becomes a well-rounded, independent and confident graduate. Meet some of our faculty>>

From an early age, our students are thoughtful learners who seek knowledge and think critically. They are comfortable with differing points of view. In addition, they understand that our world is a complex, changing place that needs caring, compassionate and principled leaders, and they take action to make the world a better place.

Six Reasons to Choose the IB


 1. Quality assurance

As an IB World School, Branksome Hall has met rigorous standards in such areas as teacher training, curriculum design, and student supports. Every IB school completes a scrupulous authorization process and is evaluated regularly. Teacher grading is moderated in both the MYP and Diploma programs and diploma students receive external validation of grades. This means a great deal in Ontario, which is one of the few jurisdictions with no exit credentials.

 2. University recognition

The IB Diploma is recognized by universities around the world as the gold standard for university preparation. IB Diploma students have the knowledge and skills to be successful in university studies. Ontario and Canadian universities recognize IB students with special scholarships and incentives.

 3. Internationally minded

Students explore multiple perspectives and are challenged to be open-minded, caring, reflective and principled. They are risk-takers and thinkers who strive for balance and are engaged in community service, athletic and creative pursuits.

 4. Liberal arts

IB students follow a liberal arts program that requires study of a second language, mathematics, an experimental science, literature study and study of a social science through to graduation. Significant flexibility and individualization of the program is provided within this framework.

 5. Leadership

Leadership development is integral to the IB programs. IB students learn leadership skills through the curriculum and also through the experiential elements of programs such as CAS. Branksome has created a Leadership Profile to extend the Learner Profile. All students are encouraged to take action and to engage in service.

 6. Student success

The IB programs provide students with clear targets to guide their learning at all levels. IB rubrics describe what excellence looks like and examples of excellent work are provided. Inquiry learning, culminating in the extended essay, provides students with the skills to support independent investigation.

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