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I feel that Branksome has prepared me immensely for what I have experienced so far this year at university. Much of this is due to the IB Program but also to Branksome's nurturing environment.

The skill that I am most thankful for is my ability to write. IB really teaches its students to write effectively, thoughtfully and with conviction, and this is a skill that I take to each of my classes. After writing the Extended Essay, I feel ready to tackle most of my writing assignments this year, whereas many of my friends have never written essays longer than 2,000 words.

IB has also given me time management skills. Although I have a lot of work this year, the time management skills that I acquired from IB allow me to finish my work and also have time for to socialize and participate in other school activities.

Finally, Branksome's supportive atmosphere has given me the confidence to speak in class. Although most of my friends are intelligent and engaged students, many of them are shy in class. I feel lucky to have attended a school where the students are encouraged to express their opinions and challenge ideas brought up in class.


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