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 Hillary BALL'10

The IB Diploma Program allowed me to take a broad range of courses, while also enabling me to go into more depth in the courses that I was most interested in by choosing them as my higher-level options. In my Diploma Program years, I took courses ranging from Math to Biology to European History. I was particularly interested in learning languages, so I chose to take both French and Spanish in the Diploma Program, but my friends with different interests chose to take two science classes or two humanities classes, for example.

My Branksome teachers knew exactly how to prepare each student in order to ensure their success on IB assessments. The CAS (Creativity, Action, Service) portion of the IB adds another dimension to the program through its requirements of artistic, athletic and community service pursuits. For example, I fulfilled some of my CAS hours on the Branksome badminton team and as the Student Government Prefect, in addition to volunteering at a francophone summer camp.

When I was approaching Grade 12 and was choosing where I wanted to go to university and what I wanted to study, I was very grateful that the broad range of courses that the IB Program had required me to take meant that every option was available to me both in terms of university and program options. Both in Canada and internationally, the IB Diploma Program is highly regarded by universities. I chose to go to Cambridge University in England, where the international reputation of the IB Diploma Program was very helpful as a Canadian applicant. Moreover, the preparation that I received from the IB Diploma Program, both in its content and in its delivery, has been essential for my academic success in university.

Ultimately, the IB Diploma Program kept all my doors open for university and program options, while also ensuring that no matter what path I chose, I had received the best preparation possible.


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