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 Edith Louie

B. Ed (McGill)
M. Ed (University of Toronto)
Joined Branksome in 1998
Instructural Leader, Mathematics

“What’s Ms Louie like? She’s fun, loving, caring and energetic. She always celebrates holidays and seasons in class.”

One of my passions in life is teaching. I love how each day is different. The energy of the girls and their zest for life makes Branksome an interesting and enjoyable place to work.
I learned the importance of being a teacher by watching members of my family who are teachers, such as my grandmother, mother, father and aunt. Each one showed me how much fun it is to interact with young people.
Before I came to Branksome, I worked at Port Hope High School, where I learned from the terrific department members how to plan an effective lesson, how to assess students in a variety of ways and how to be a creative Math teacher.
I love the diversity and multicultural representation of the students at Branksome.
I love the variety of co-curricular activities that are available for students.
I love how the parents are engaged in the education of their children.
I love how warm and supportive the staff and administration are to students and faculty.
Branksome encourages students and faculty to pursue their interests and goals. Whether it is an idea for a club, community service, a fundraiser or theatrical production, the school will find the resources to make it happen.
Our faculty are models of lifetime learners. Branksome provides ongoing professional development opportunities to enable us to improve our teaching practices, our understanding of the curriculum, and the use of technology and teaching girls. 
I like to travel and learn about other cultures and languages. I use this knowledge and experience to produce our “Infusion” show every two years, where students have an opportunity to share their culture with the Branksome community.


10 Elm Avenue, Toronto, ON M4W 1N4, Canada

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