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A Winning Combo - Golfers Who Dance
May 31, 2017
This has been a year of great achievements for two students who are friends, top golfers and high-level ballet dancers. Grade 9 student Ashley Chow had a stellar showing on the final weekend...
She Scores at Soccer and in Business Competition
May 29, 2017
Few of us will ever place among the top 10 in the world in any endeavour. Imagine being a Grade 11 student and hearing your name called as one who has just achieved that status. How does it feel?...
Nikki Tate Takes Readers from Farm to Page
May 27, 2017
You can tell what colour egg a chicken will lay from its earlobes. There’s a breed of black pig whose ears flop over their eyes so they can’t see: These are some of the many fun facts about farm...
Students in High Spirits at Ultimate Frisbee
May 18, 2017
Grade 9 and 10 Branksome students joined forces with Royal St. George’s College for a game of Ultimate Frisbee. This year was their first-ever season in the Conference of Independent Schools...
Setting Sail at the University Fair
May 17, 2017
Grade 10s and 11s asked great questions of representatives from an array of universities who attended our University Fair. Students used a method developed by the Guidance Department to help them...
Latin Scholars Dig into the Past
May 11, 2017
Grade 9 and 10 UCC and Branksome Hall students are crouched around small plots of earth behind the Potting Shed, gently brushing dirt to one side with paint brushes. “Remember your excavation...
How to Launch a Successful Startup in Grade 12
May 3, 2017
It was a knee-quivering, butterflies-in-chest and sweaty-palm moment for Branksome’s Alexandra Philp Reeves. She and her business partner, Anna Melnyk (a Ridley College student), were presenting...
Grade 10s Free to Explore their Passions through Personal Projects
May 2, 2017
A group of students and teachers gathered around Julia, a Grade 10 student who was holding an African drum. “This is a Nigerian style of drum called an Ashiko drum,” she tells them. “I headed the drum...
Empty Bowls Are Full of Heart
May 1, 2017
​ “It may be called Empty Bowls, but this event is full of heart, generosity and community,” is how Deputy Principal Karrie Weinstock described our successful Empty Bowls Breakfast. Our community...

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