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Spirited Students Inspired by Experiential Learning
April 24, 2014
For Grade 10 students Jasmine and Sasha, volunteering at First Nations School of Toronto became an important way for them to make a difference this year. "My experiences with the school have been...
Humble Heroes Receive Awards
April 23, 2014
Branksome Hall students Morgyn McKerlie and Claire Stirling never realized that their quest for cannolis would lead to a life-altering experience—for them and for a complete stranger. Back on December...
Yann Martel Dazzles with His Recipe for Pi
April 17, 2014
“Let’s go through the story briefly to see if we’ve read the same book,” Life of Pi author Yann Martel wryly tells the audience of Middle and Senior School students.This year’s Rebecca CHISHOLM...
Go 'Green' in Athletics
April 15, 2014
When you hear the word "green," you might envision fresh beginnings, growth and new possibilities. Such images are what Branksome's athletic "Green Teams" are all about. These teams help developing...
Global Ideas in the 4C Approach
April 11, 2014
Faced with the challenge of producing a nutritional supplement to reduce child malnutrition in India, a Branksome team has come up with a creative “4C Approach” to address the issue. After seven...
Junior School Choir Hits a Home Run
April 10, 2014
The vocalists appeared as tiny specks in the outfield, like songbirds in the distance. But, as their powerful voices filled the Rogers Centre, our Junior School Choir showed thousands of baseball fans...
Racing for Dignity
April 9, 2014
​Showing tremendous community spirit, Branksome’s largest group ever participated in the recent Dignitas Race for Dignity. Our 68 students joined students from eight other schools to raise more than...
Making Music with Meredith
April 1, 2014
Creating the Grade 6 graduation song is a rite of passage for every Junior School student. The process helps them celebrate a milestone and reflect on their years on Branksome's west campus. This...
Food for Health
March 11, 2014
​Hana JAMES’05 was just about to apply to medical school when she realized that her true passion lay in working with people and educating them about using food as medicine.  ​EntrepreneursWith a B.Sc....
'Haute Couture' Goes Green!
March 6, 2014
​Wearing clothes made of recycled fabrics, pop tabs and even pages taken from a book, Branksome students took a trip down the runway in some unusual—but beautiful—clothing.The organizers of TERRA,...

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