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Barbara brought in 400 cans to add to the generosity of Junior School girls during Halloween for Hunger.
November 5, 2010
Halloween for Hunger in the Junior School

Did you know that in March 2009, nearly 800,000 Canadians turned to their local food bank for a meal? Over one-third of them were children.

My name is Barbara  and I am in Grade 6. I got inspired when I heard about the challenge our school took on, called Halloween for Hunger.
Halloween for Hunger is a campaign run through Free the Children to collect non-perishable foods that are donated to local food banks.  I discovered that many people in our very own community rely on food banks on a daily basis.

So I, as a Grade 6 leader, wanted to take action and help. I went around the nieghbourhood and put out flyers about Halloween for Hunger. I said I would pick items up on Saturday. Well, Saturday came and wow, did people give me canned and boxed food! I was SO happy.
I also went to some local businesses and collected more food and money. With the money, my mom and I went and bought the most food we could for the best price. I felt so accomplished.
My mom said, “There’s more food in a cabinet downstairs. You can take all of it.”  Well, in the cabinet there were about 150 food items! Finally, on Halloween, I counted all the cans. I was so anxious to find out how many I had collected. The total ended up being 400, yes 400, canned and boxed food items. I couldn't believe it! I kept thinking how many people I was helping.
Our school was competing against UCC and BSS to collect the most food. But I didn’t care. Honestly, if we win, we're not the winners. The winners are the people who won't be hungry anymore when they go to their local food bank and there is food for them to eat.
Barbara, Grade 6 student 
Breaking news: We now know the GRAND TOTAL of cans collected during Halloween for Hunger at Branksome: 2,445 cans in all.
Junior School collected 1,247
Senior & Middle School collected 1,198.







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