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Our gingerbread house.
November 26, 2010
What's Day Girl-Boarder Exchange Really Like?
We know it's a lot of fun and we've heard it's exciting, but what is the Day Girl-Boarder Exchange really like?
To find out, we check out this conversation between Head Girl Lindsay Caldarone, who was on exchange in Sherborne House with Community Service Prefect Veronika Malek:
VM: Hey, Lindsay, remember last week when you slept over in Residence for the Day Girl-Boarder Exchange?
LC: Yeah! It was so fun!
VM: Glad you liked it! What was your favourite part?
LC: Res dinner, of course.
VM: True. What about the gingerbread house that we made after dinner?
LC: Oh yeah! That was great. We made it in the Sherborne kitchen, while listening to Christmas carols, to get us in the mood for the most wonderful time of the year. Then we decorated it with all sorts of candy.
VM: Then we hung out with other Residence girls and watched Modern Family on TV in the common room (after we did our homework of course!).
LC: I had a really good time in Residence. It’s like being part of a family made up of all your friends from all over the world!
VM:  That’s exactly how I feel! Remember the Residence Haunted House?
LC: I do! That was officially the scariest and best Haunted House I have ever been to. It was one of the highlights of my Halloweek. It seems that there is ALWAYS something going on in Res.
VM: Indeed, it never gets boring!
LC: Well, I can’t wait for the next Day Girl-Boarder event! Thanks for hosting me for the exchange!
VM: It was a pleasure. Thanks for coming. See you at Res breakfast!

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