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Morgan, Nicole, Kalli and Charley organized the evening.
April 25, 2018
Rewriting the Rule Book
Inspired by Gloria Steinem’s talks at Branksome’s Women Strong events last October, our Gender Studies Club hosted, “What Is the Hidden Rule Book: A Gender Conversation.”

“Ms Steinem spoke a lot about talking circles,” said Kalli, a Grade 11 student and organizer. “She believes those circles are not only a place to talk, but also to listen and reach out to people with different perspectives. We wanted to create an atmosphere where students would feel comfortable discussing important issues.”

The evening event, held in the Eaton Common Room, was attended by girls from BSS, Havergal and St. Clements and boys from RSGC, Crescent and U.C.C.

“At Branksome, we only hear one side of the gender discussion, so this is a great way to hear the other,” said one Branksome student.

Jillian Strimas, English Instructional Leader, started the evening discussion by telling the group to “trust their gut” and encouraged them to “embrace the moment.”

The four Branksome student organizers—Morgan, Nicole, Kalli and Charley—then presented a questionnaire that allowed for a discussion on topics ranging from free speech to human rights and consent.

“There used to be a book on how boys were supposed to behave and a book on how girls were supposed to behave,” added Morgan. “But thinking like that is outdated, especially when we consider intersectionality and remember that gender isn’t binary.”

“Gender is an important topic to talk about,” said a visiting student.

And by the end of the evening, everybody left with something new to discuss.

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