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March 2, 2018
Grade 5s Acknowledge the Past
In past years, Grade 5 students have learned about explorers and the discovery of new places in the unit Where We are in Place and Time. This year, the Grade 5s discovered that there are even more stories to tell. Working in the library, students researched and studied the stories of Indigenous Peoples and the Europeans who discovered the land. The outcome of this research and learning has been the creation of their own land acknowledgement statements which will be read at each assembly. Congratulations to the Junior School and the Grade 5s for their tremendous work in recognizing and honouring the rich Indigenous culture and history of our county.
Here is one of the Acknowledgement statements crafted by the students:
We wish to acknowledge the
Privileges to access clean water and
Rights of Canadian citizens
Have not been granted to the indigenous people
Of Canada today. Our daily life is functional
On the traditional land of the indigenous people and
To formally apologize for the trouble that has
Been caused to the indigenous peoples of Canada

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