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Francis Faigal with his Vegan Bibimbap bowl: Enochi Mushrooms, pickled Daikon, Kimchi, tofu medallion with apricot – a delectable vegan version of the fried egg that normally tops a bibimbap bowl.
October 18, 2017
Francis Faigal Wows Diners with Vegan Delights
Campus is abuzz with the news that a new vegan option is on offer every day at lunch. “I want to make an effort to eat vegan because it’s good for the environment and I want to try not eating animals,” says Grade 8 student Kaya. “And Francis makes really good food!” she adds.

At the “Veg Out Station,” Francis Faigal, one of the Aramark cooks within the AWC Dining Hall, creates a delectable 100 percent plant-based entrée for vegans. But it’s not just vegans who are lining up for his jackfruit sliders and sweet potato waffles. Visiting poet Tanya Neumeyer was inspired to start the hashtag #ThankYouFrancis on Twitter after sampling his Thai squash and chickpea curry with millet.

Chef Peter Domaradzki first got the idea of the Veg Out Station when he saw how passionate Francis was for the gluten-free and vegan options he was asked to make as a hot entrée for those students who had restrictions. Chef Peter saw an opportunity to take advantage of the current plant-based eating trend and gave Francis the opportunity in launching the Veg Out Station in September.

Francis gets his inspiration from menus designed by Chef Peter, Vegan cookbooks, Branksome Hall employee vegans, and seasonal produce. “The response has been absolutely fantastic,” says Francis, a former photographer and graphic designer. “I’m so happy.”

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