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September 21, 2017
New motto creates unity
At the beginning of each school year, the Prefects create a motto that reflects the needs of the community and acts as their "compass" for the year.

When they gathered together with Head Girl Astrid Ling to workshop their motto, they asked themselves what they value most in their school. The overwhelming response from all the girls was "the sense of community."

The Prefects talked about the many different ages, backgrounds, talents and interests within our community. They decided they wanted to highlight the fact that each person brings something special and unique.

"But how can we strengthen our community?" Astrid asked the group. "How can we build stronger connections between Residence and Day students? How can we bridge the gap between different grades? Above all, how do we ensure that each member of our community feels valued and included?"

With these questions in mind, they chose the motto…

Unity starts with YOU.

The prefects agreed that this motto encompasses two important concepts, unity and the power of the individual in building community. This year, students will be presented with opportunities every day.

As Astrid sees it: "It starts with throwing garbage in the bins, being proud to wear the uniform or going out of one's way to make someone else feel included."

While these may seem like small actions, they play a big role in shaping our school culture. "It is up to each of us to take ownership over our school and model the type of community we want to see," says Astrid.

"Beyond our halls, the theme of community is extremely relevant in our society right now," adds Astrid. "In a time of division, within countries and around the world, we hope this motto will guide our generation in bringing people together."

So how will YOU build unity this year?

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