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June 27, 2017
Pi-Landers Master Math
Branksome's athletics teams are called the Highlanders. But did you know that we call our Math students the Pi-Landers?

As we wrap up a year of outstanding achievements across campus, we extend special congratulations to our Pi-Lander champions who, this year, competed in 17 contests, three team competitions, and 50 Problem-of-the-Week (POW) competitions.

We are also very proud of the 14 Grade 9s, five Grade 10s and six Grade 11s who placed in the top 25 percentile on University of Waterloo Math contests.

Pi-Landers did well in the ISOMA Math Olympics, the UCC Math Olympiad and the University of Waterloo Canadian Team Math Competition. In fact, this year, 275 students in the Senior and Middle School wrote Math contests.

Congratulations to Pi-Lander Jimin, who has had an outstanding year. A residence student from Korea, Jimin completed the 2017 Math Mentorship Program at U of T. She was also the Grade 11 Contest Champion at the Canadian Open Math Challenge, the Canadian Senior Math Competition, the Mathematical Association of America's 12 Contest, and the University of Waterloo's Fermat, Euclid and Hypatia contests.

POW is a weekly contest organized by the Math clubs in the Senior and Middle School. Congratulations to Grade 8 student Maya and Grade 10 student Miranda for winning the Award for Most POW Participation, and to Grade 7 student Mila and Grade 9 student Annie, who solved the most POW's correctly.

We recognize the following 2017 Champion Pi-Landers:

  • Grade 7 students Mila, champion at the Canadian National Math League (CNML) competition; and Jasmin, champion at the Gauss Competition at the University of Waterloo.
  • Grade 8 students Maya, champion at the Gauss Competition at U of W; and Priyanka, CNML champion.
  • Grade 9 students Jasmine, CNML champion; Elaine, Fryer Contest champion at the U of W; and Anna, Pascal Contest champion at the U of W.
  • Grade 10 students Miranda, who was champion of the Mathematical Association of America's (AMC) 10 competition; Abarnaa, champion of the AMC 10, Cayley and the CNML competitions; Nancy, who was the champion at the University of Waterloo's CIMC and Galois contest; and Caroline who was the champion at the CIMC and CNML contests.

Thank you to Ms Edith Louie and the Math Department for giving the girls the opportunity to challenge themselves while having fun in Math.

For many decades, Branksome graduates have stepped confidently into studies and careers related to STEM. This Branksome tradition is bound to continue as the Pi-Landers keep proving their mastery of math. Go Pi-Landers!

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