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Alison Dudu, standing between Ms Jane Marshall (top left) and Ms Jillian Strimas, joins the rest of the Branksome delegates for a celebratory photo at THIMUN.
March 2, 2017
A Bitter-Sweet End to THIMUN
Alison Dudu (Grade 12) shares news of her third trip to THIMUN:

Last month, I, together with nine other energetic Branksome Hall students made our way to The Hague International Model United Nations (THIMUN) conference. We'd spent months preparing for this event. We discussed political issues such as measures to eradicate modern slavery, culture as a tool for sustainable development, and the question of countries building walls and other barriers.

THIMUN, much like SSUNS and SOMA, is a Model United Nations program where students from across the world get together for five days to discuss and debate global issues in a UN-type setting. Not only is it a wonderful opportunity to meet students from around the world, it is also a great chance to visit The Hague, which is the site of many important landmarks such as the International Criminal Court, the International Court of Justice, and the Peace Palace.

Throughout the conference, students are the harbingers of the socio-economic and cultural changes that the world is yet to see. Before THIMUN, delegates are assigned a country to represent—this year, I had the honour of serving as the head delegate. As delegates, we have to figure out what is in the best interests of our country. Often these decisions may differ from, or conflict with, our own personal beliefs.

THIMUN offers a platform for every voice to be heard; you experience unparalleled cultural diversity; and uncountable memories are waiting to be made. Of course, this all depends on your willingness to approach the experience with an open mind, which is essential in international learning.

This trip was only made possible with the guidance of Ms Jane Marshall and Ms Jillian Strimas. Both teachers were exceptional in helping us navigate the third-largest city in the Netherlands, as well as allowing us to visit some of the more popular Dutch sweet shops—always a highlight of a THIMUN trip!

I've been incredibly fortunate to have this opportunity and I can't thank Ms Marshall enough for her motivation and expertise in allowing me to stand on the world stage for the past three years. Her love for global affairs is evident in every action she takes. The conferences have been a wonderful way to give me the confidence and preparation to face any challenge I may encounter after I graduate this spring.

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