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Branksome Hall Senior and Middle School Science teacher Chandra Boon (left) with theoretical physicist Dr. Shohini Ghose.
February 24, 2017
What's Your Super Power?
Dr. Shohini Ghose has a super power. As she told girls in assembly, she is a proud "shape shifter."

We were honoured to welcome this dynamic, internationally known theoretical physicist to our Senior and Middle School assembly to talk about her experiences with quantum theory and the lack, and position, of women in science.

As a child, she said, she loved reading comic books. She wanted to grow up to be a super hero and do her part to save the world – hence the need for a super power.

She asked the girls which super power they would choose to be: super-fast, super-strong or super-smart? She told them that when she started studying quantum physics, she discovered that she wanted shape shifting as her super power. Now, she uses the laws of quantum physics to think about how to create super-powerful quantum computers or to develop teleportation. And quantum physics is all about shape shifting.

Hearing her talk about quantum physics is to effortlessly enter her world of curiosity and discovery, a familiar space for our IB inquirers.

With her enthusiasm and down-to-earth style, Dr. Ghose makes science seem just like a fascinating story of discovery that is available to all of us.

Along the way, she has had her share of challenges as both a woman, and a woman of colour, in the scientific world. It is no wonder that she is also an enthusiastic advocate for women scientists and the founder and director of the Centre for Women in Science at Wilfrid Laurier University, where she is an associate professor of physics and computer science.

Thank you, Dr. Ghose, for being a wonderful role model and for enticing us to join you on your quest to make the world a better place.

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