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An extremely realistic image of an eye, drawn by Grade 9 student Annie Lin.
January 17, 2017
Studying the Human Face
Grade 9 Visual Art students know that the eyes are the window to the soul. They have just finished their study of portraiture and their stunning art pieces are a testament to the many hours they spent examining human eyes and other facial features to get them just right.

Students spent three days carefully examining published works of art, each others’ faces, and finally three live models.

One student who thoroughly enjoyed learning these new skills was Annie Lin. “During art class, we practiced drawing facial features. We had three models coming in to help us prepare for our final assessment, which was a self-portrait,” said Annie. 

Led by Art teacher Meaghan DeCourcy, the class used both a historical and present-day approach to understanding art techniques.

“Students examined how scientific and technical innovations in the past have influenced how we create art today,” said Ms DeCourcy. “They found that this was both exciting and challenging, and they showed great determination and risk-taking with their work. The final product was a self-portrait, where all students demonstrated growth in their technical skills.”

Annie was thrilled to see the artwork produced by her fellow students and the different approach they chose to take. “I thought the works made by my peers were very inspiring, since we have such an amazing visual art teacher, Ms DeCourcy, who taught us all about how to create a portrait!”

Students' artwork can be seen displayed outside of Room 316.

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