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December 2, 2016
Getting to Wear the Sparky Tartan Tie
"With so many 'sparks' in our community, it is no surprise that we girls are bright and powerful," says Head Girl Anna Lisa Lowenstein.

Based on their motto "Seek Your Spark," Anna Lisa and the Prefects began giving out Spark of the Month awards to girls who they believe have done an excellent job in finding and sharing their spark and have also encouraged others to find their own.

Junior School Prefect, Emily Dart, takes up the story: "This initiative recognizes students for the way they contribute to our community in areas such as positivity, kindness, passion and support. The Spark of the Month gets to wear the "Sparky Tartan Tie" instead of her regular tie for the month. Our first Spark of the Month award went to Becca Clark."

"Last week," says Emily, "we received an incredible number of nominations for Spark of the Month. Thank you so much to everyone who nominated a friend. It was amazing to be reminded of all the kindness there is in our community."

Clearly, the Spark of the Month award has touched a chord in the Senior and Middle School. Emily announced in assembly that December's Spark of the Month is Quinn McNamara!

Each of the many students who nominated Quinn mentioned her outstanding commitment, as head of the technical crew, to our recent play, the Sound of Music. Friends also recognized Quinn's unwavering commitment to the Classics Club. It was clear, from the words of Quinn's peers, that she is supportive and helpful to everyone she encounters.

They said about her:

"Quinn's passion for this community is reflected through her commitment and dedication and never letting anyone down."

"When Quinn sees another person struggle, she's always the first to speak up by encouraging or motivating that person to keep moving forward."

Congratulations, Quinn, December's Spark of the Month, for being an inspiration to our community! We hope you have fun wearing the Sparky Tartan Tie.

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