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 Start of the School Day


When the bell rings, we line up and we go inside to our cubbies where we hang up our coats and change into our shoes and drop off our bags. Then we go to the classroom.

I get out my agenda, then I press the button on the Smartboard to look at the temperature, and I like to water the plants.

I love all the math games because they’re fun and you use your brain and get good at math. My favourite is the coin exchange because I like using the fake money to buy things like gum, juice, milk, soap, and’s like real life. There is a fake cash register and everything.




Today, I was surprised, there were ducklings in our room, instead of duck eggs! The eggs were big, white and oval. The class got to watch them hatch on the computer because it happened at night. Only two hatched, we called them Fluffy and Cutie. We got to pet the ducklings, they were really soft, I felt really happy.

 Inquiry Unit (Water)


Making an aquifer: Ms Colleran put some water and rocks together in a bowl and then she took a tube and blew on the tube and the water started bubbling, it was going through the rocks because there were tiny pockets of air around the rocks.



When it’s recess I play with my friends. We love to build things with the large blue blocks, like a house, a slide and an obstacle course.


 French Class


In French we sang, Je suis un(e) pizza, and practiced our play, "Ou est mon chien?"

I was Mdme. Tremblay.

"Je ne sais pas ou est Minuit. Peut-etre que Minuit est dans le parc. Va au parc Marie et cherche pour Minuit la bas."




I change into my gym clothes after French. My uniform for gym is shorts, a t-shirt, socks and gym shoes. It’s cold so we stay inside. I like doing the stations with Ms Crawford, like basketball, hula hoop and climbing up the gym rope.



We get in a line and walk over with Ms Colleran. My favourite foods are chicken noodle soup, pizza and rice. After we can have fruit or dessert, I have both! I get to sit beside my friends in my grade who eat hot lunch. I really like the hot lunch and want to be in it next year.



Today, we do bee-bots on the computer, they are toys that have eyes. You can use a mouse to click and move them. They go straight or go right, left or backwards. Ms Russell asks me to make them go to a letter, like “M” or “N”.

And we draw things on the computer with Kid Pics. I like drawing the duckies. I don’t have a favourite. It’s not good to have a favourite.

 Back in Class


I wrote a story about three lady bugs who got captured by a mosquito and a wasp. The lady bugs have special powers and used them against the mosquito and wasp and were able to escape.

I love writing stories because you use your imagination and it's fun to write. I am really proud of writing, "The Three Lady Bugs".

 End of the Day


It’s Tuesday, so at the end of school I go straight up to Aftercare and check in with Ms Minichiello. Then I play and do arts and crafts with my friends. After snack, a teacher takes me to my piano lesson. At piano I work, learn notes, and play songs, like Rainy Day, The Lion King and Come Fly with Me.

Then a teacher picks me up and brings me downstairs to meet my mom at the Front Circle.

I love Branksome Hall and can't wait to go to school every day. It is fun to see my friends all the time and there is always something exciting happening at school.


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