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 Start of the day

Daddy drops me off at 7:30 a.m. At Before Care, we play games, make bracelets, read books, or play on the computer. Ms Preuss takes us to the playground, too. After the bell we line up.


On swim day, we go right to our pool. Ms B. walks us over and we get changed when we get to the pool. We swim through the hula hoop, pick up toys from the bottom of the pool, then swim back through the hula hoop, and get back in line. I like going in the deep end.



I play games like tag and with the Imagination Station. We play "Branksome Hall" with the JKs and take the (pretend) bus on a trip.



After recess is snack time, then French. There are puppets and we sing songs.


After French is lunch. I eat a hot lunch with pasta, chicken and a salad. My teacher says I am the "monster of vegetables," because I always want more!



In Math, we made something symmetrical. It was a little bit hard.

 Exploring materials and making predictions


Today I looked at water with the magnifying glass. I had to see up close to figure out what was in there.

 Exploring materials in Art class


I was happy and excited in Art class. We sketched and made things with felt.

 Exploring materials through crafts


To make Gak, we put colour, lots of glue, hot water, and then stirred it. After that, we just played with it or put it in cookie cutters. It's more gooey than playdough, and it makes your hands feel soft!

 End of the day


We pick books every day in class and read them at home. I like Where Do the Monsters Live? The purple monster lives in the purple house. I like the books in the library too.

 After School


After school I go to my co-curricular or Aftercare. We go to the atrium and we wait for our teachers and then we go to do our activity. Sometimes I have piano lessons with Radka. When I go to Aftercare, I have snack time together with my sisters. I heart Branksome!


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