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I am starting the day with math and I'm working on a math page about negative numbers. Our math unit is about order of operations, parentheses, negative numbers, and all kinds of notations. Since we're having study time after we complete the assignment, I begin to study for our math test, which is coming up in a couple of days. I have many studying aides: my Student Reference Book, my math book, and my homework package. I feel totally ready, but studying always helps.


 PYP Exhibition


The Grade 6 girls have been doing their own student-led unit of inquiry called PYP Exhibition. We will do the same next year, so we get to watch their presentations along with their parents. Our class goes down to the PAR, where the opening ceremony is being held. During this, the Grade 6 girls explain what Exhibition is, what they accomplished, and how challenging it was.

Afterwards, some of my classmates and I head up to the library, where we view three presentations. The first of these is about Energy. The girls acted like politicians, having a debate over which energy source is the cheapest, cleanest, and most efficient. At the end was a quiz, which my friends and I aced because we had notes on the presentation.

The next one was about Water. The four girls in this group explained about water shortages and how we can conserve our water. They had made a beautiful book about water situations throughout the globe.

The last presentation was about Pollution, and the group had an interesting experiment to show us how methane is created. At the end, we played Pollution Jeopardy. I am excited for Exhibition next year!




I hurry to my locker to get my sweater, shoes, and snack. Some of my class is already pouring out of the Junior doors, and my friends and I join them. We trot over to the playground and the blacktop, where some girls are playing basketball. We head over to the climber, a prismatic frame with firm ropes criss-crossing the interior of it. Lots of girls are already climbing like monkeys in a tree. But we just sit and talk, swinging our legs and nibbling on our snacks. I jump off the climber and make my way over to the zip lines, and I join the growing line for the higher of the two. But the bell has rung, recess is over, and before I know it, we're heading off to the Senior School for swimming.




The warm-up for today is two laps of front crawl, one lap of butterfly, and a lap of elementary backstroke.

The stroke we will be working on today is the back crawl. Our class of 20 is split into three groups. I swim a lap with the others in my group and wait for the coach to tell us what we should work on next.

"Okay, girls, good job. Let's try and focus on our arms. I want to see you rolling your shoulders a little more," the coach says. When my turn comes, I push off the wall and swim, focusing on my arms the whole time.

After a couple more laps of perfecting the back crawl, my class is ready for free time which we get at the end of every swimming class. I grab some flippers and join some friends who are floating on a mat. Once I've managed to scrabble onto the mat, we all kick as hard as we can, propelling ourselves to the shallow end of the pool. We turn around and head back to the deep end.

All around me, my classmates are throwing beach balls to each other, racing, and jumping into the pool. All too soon, free time is over and we clean up the water toys we used.

I thank the swimming teacher and grab my towel, heading for the showers.


 Lunch and Book Club


I head upstairs to the library where I'll be eating lunch today for book club. I sit with Emma, Maddy and Katie at one of the tables and we eat, talking quietly, because we are in a library.

I love being in the library, where it is always warm and cozy, not to mention the natural light that floods in through the enormous windows.

When everyone in book club has finished their lunches, Mrs. Huggins and Ms Mallen, the librarians, come over to talk to us briefly about our session. They then dismiss us to go and read our book club books. My goal is to read all 30 of them, and so far I've read 25.

The book that I'm reading now is a non-fiction read about the evolution of the Earth's species. I am enjoying it as I find it fascinating. Emma, Katie, Maddy and I go and sit by a window, the sun illuminating our pages with a warm glow. For the whole recess period, we read. I finish my book and I sign out another from the book club cart, just as Ms Mallen announces that it's time to head back to class.


 Integrated Technology


I type in my password and click enter, waiting for the computer to load so I can finish my comic about before, during, and after a hurricane. We are doing this on a website called BitStrips for Schools. I only have a couple more scenes to complete before Ms Russell, our computer teacher, checks it. I drag my character into its final place and type a caption about how being prepared for a hurricane can give you a 90% chance of surviving. I raise my hand to show that I'm ready to have my comic checked. Ms Russell allows me to print it, and I retrieve it from the printer so that I can cut it out and glue it onto a background piece of paper.

The class is almost finished, so I help others by recycling their scrap paper and by fetching the glue and scissors.


 Unit of Inquiry


I take out my article on conflict that I printed out on the weekend for our discussion today in Inquiry. Our new unit is conflict in literature, but first we are going to discuss conflict itself. Ms Bodt splits us into groups of four or five to have a chat about our articles. In my group, two people have articles about Libya, one person has an article about Osama Bin Laden, and I have an article about the Civil War. We each summarize our articles, and tell what type of conflict they are (protesting, war, etc.). When we are finished, the class reunites and each group picks one person to share their article so that the class can talk about it. My group chooses Olivia, who had the Bin Laden article, and our class gets into a heated discussion about him.


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