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 Morning Class


It’s Calendar Time. We match the number on the calendar. We sing a song and count who is missing. If there are 14 girls, no one is missing!

 Math Centres


I like jolly phonics and making numbers with Playdough. My favourite way to make numbers is in the sand. I like the puzzles. I like to practise dividing and subtracting, practising letters and numbers. One hundred times one hundred is ten thousand. Ten thousand plus 10,000 is 20,000!

 French Class


Ms Howard or Ms Seymour or Ms Manikas walk us to French. We learn new words and sing French songs.



After our snack is recess: I play on the big “Spider Web.” Before I didn’t know how; now I know how. I step on the diamond, then the square. I can make those shapes—a square and a diamond are very similar; you just turn it, turn it.



We sing the song, “Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall.” My favourite instruments are flute, xylophone and tambourine.

 Lunch & Lunch Recess


Lunch is in the Potting Shed. Ms Manikas sets the plates. My favourite part about lunch is when I get dessert. I only get dessert if I finish my veggies and there is zero waste on my plate.

After lunch, we go to the Sherborne playground. I like playing there.

 Quiet Time


The best part is having my snuggly (if I don’t have my snuggly I don’t like it.) We have pillows and a mat. My mat is green—green like my clan colour, for Johnston.

 Physical Education


Friday is ballet class. I love ballet. I wear ballet shoes and a ballet dress. I learn new steps every day and practise.

 Afternoon Class


I love writing. I usually write words and what happened in my journal. I wrote a book, Rainbow, Rainbow, How Did You Find a Friend? It has a flip-up picture and a tree, stars, rainbow, planet Mars and a Princess.

 Nature Walks


We look at flowers and leaves and pick them. Not bugs! Yuck!

 After School Co-curricular


In Cooking Club we make ice cream and chocolate pudding. In class we made fruit sauce. In Animal Club, my favourite animal is the hamster, wearing a dress.

 Free Choice (Play)


We have a kitchen and other sorts of things, like a tiara. I have one at home that is much prettier.

Circle Time:
We say things we did on the day. I share toys and share space, so no one is squashed.

 End of Day


Sometimes Mommy picks me up and sometimes Daddy picks me up. I like resting in the car ride home, because it’s a long day.


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