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 5am Rowing – joy on the water


Today I am so happy to get back on the water after four months. I am a coxswain on the rowing team, which consists of roughly 20 girls. As brutal as the early mornings may sound, the camaraderie between all the girls, and the sense of tranquility I get from being on the water, make getting downtown at 5 in the morning worthwhile! After training, we’re back at school in time for breakfast together.

 8:30 a.m. History – coming alive


This morning starts off with history, which is one of my favourite subjects. We are currently studying the Age of Exploration and even got an opportunity to analyze one of Columbus’s journals. My teacher, Mrs. Marshall, has a way of making history come alive by getting you to think about all the issues that were going on at the time. I have also loved working with Mrs. Marshall in my extra-curricular activities, as she is the faculty advisor for SSUNS and SOMA. Another great thing is that she taught my sister, who graduated from Branksome in 2006.

 9:55 a.m. Math – making links


I’m going to math, which I also find to be a very interesting subject. I really enjoy how math ties into several other subjects I’m studying, including physics and chemistry.

 Lunch: Planning community service


Today during lunch I have a Community Service Council meeting. This is my fourth year being a member of this council. During these meetings, we work with the Community Service Prefect, Veronika, to plan school initiatives like the holiday bazaar (it’s a lot of fun), the vow of silence, and the year-end carnival!

 12:05 p.m. Science - We’re all on fire


I start the afternoon off with my science class. My teacher is Ms Benedet and this is the second year she has taught me science. I really like the way she simplifies complex ideas (such as cell theory). In science, we are currently studying the chemistry unit. For each type of reaction we learn in class, our teacher shows us a demonstration, and today, when we learned about combustion, our teacher lit our hands on fire! There were definitely some girls who were reluctant to try, but I couldn’t have been more excited.

 1:30 p.m. Advisor - Cupcakes, candy and soda


Twice every eight days, everyone in the Senior and Middle School (that’s Grades 7 to 10) has an advisor period. Each advisor group consists of roughly 8-11 girls and one faculty supervisor. Ms Fitton has been my advisor since Grade 7. Our groups remain the same from Grade 7 to 12, so you really get to know everyone well. It’s a great time to talk to girls in your grade that you may not see often, and also to bring up any concerns and discuss them with a group of people you feel comfortable around. My favourite part of advisor is the snack - today one of the girls brought in cupcakes, candy, and soda!

 2:10 p.m. Music – it’s strings


For fourth period today, I have strings, which is a Grade 9 and 10 course. Ms Pat, my teacher, just informed us that, for our culminating project, we will be collaborating with the entire Junior School! We will be performing a musical with pieces specifically composed for us, which I know will be fun.

 3:45 p.m. Debating – many hours of prep


To finish off my day, I head to Room 104, where I have spent innumerable hours over the past four years preparing for debate tournaments. As assistant head of the Debating and Public Speaking program, I also help our debating co-heads organize the weekly workshops that we hold for our junior debaters, as well as any tournaments we may be hosting here at Branksome Hall. I've attended over 20 debate tournaments. In 2008 and 2009, I went to the Junior Provincials and the Junior Nationals. I've also attended local public speaking tournaments such as the Nora McRae Tournament, run by Branksome, and the Fulford, a league of private schools with debating programs.


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