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 Starting my day


I walk up from the Waldie Gates and go to class. At the beginning of the day, I chat with my friends and unpack my bag. Then, I look at the board for word-sorts and homework. I keep my homework on my desk, so my teacher can check it.

 PE – Swim class


It’s swim day, so our gym teacher meets us in in the classroom and walks us to the pool for two periods of swimming.

After changing, we warm up, do some bobbing and two laps of front crawl. Then, we practise doing the dolphin, butterfly and breaststroke. Today we are also treading water. During free time, I play on the mats in the water and dive from the diving board.



After we walk back, it’s recess. I play tag and camouflage and on the tire swing with my friends.

When recess is over, a student gets to ring the bell.



We are working on a play called, Boucle Violet. I play the lead character—she is a version of Goldilocks but with purple hair. One of my lines is, “Mama, j’ai peur des ours!” Then I run.

We put sentences in order, then draw a picture and write a story to go with it. I drew one of the characters from Les Animaux de Bayou eating a pizza in the clouds.



After French is Music in the music room. I like the recorder…I started playing this year. The recorder sounds kind of like a flute but not exactly like a flute. I play, “White Coral Bells.”

We also learn about music that goes with our Unit of Inquiry. We are studying the Medieval Times, so we learned about the harp.



In Inquiry I learn more about the Medieval Times and the Black Plague. Sailors brought rats with them on ships, and the rats had diseases that they brought to town.

I’m writing a monologue for my medieval character, who is a Lady. She will probably have a lot of kids, like eight or 10!

 Back in class


Back in class, it’s fractions, how to add, subtract and simplify them, and how to make them into decimals.

Then, I work on this week’s spelling words, sorting them into nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs.

In Geometry, we make 3D shapes from our Math reference book. We make them with straws and marshmallows.

In Science we are studying electricity. We are making and testing light bulb circuits, which are attached to batteries.


 End of the day


At the end of the day, I write down the homework from the board and pick up my homework sheet. My mom is outside to pick up me and my sisters.


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