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First thing every morning, we read the teacher’s message on the SMART Board and find out what we will be doing in our lessons. I sit down at my desk with my French binder. When Mme. Sutherland comes in, she gives us the agenda for the day. My friend, Anna Lisa, and I have made a creative invention and now it’s time to make an advertisement in French.

 Language Arts


I gather my Language Arts binder and head to my book club meeting. We discuss all the questions, thoughts and feelings we have about the Nancy Drew book we are reading, and then we fill out the group evaluation form. This week I am the leader, and I have to keep our group on topic and make sure they use the time efficiently. At the end of class, we fill out the leader evaluation form, and then head out for recess.

 IT Bridge Building


In the IT Lab, I find my place with the girls in my group, Tory, Izzy and Victoria. Our construction company is called Glow Inc. We are building a bridge using dowels and toothpicks. Our challenge is to budget for all our materials. Today we decide to buy glue to attach our small dowels. I bring the order form and cheque to Ms Russell and she gives us our supplies, so that we can put our bridge together, using our plans.



Mrs. Long takes us over to the lunch room and I find a seat next to my friend, Greer. Today we are having mashed potatoes with chicken and corn, but I'm in the mood for rice, so our server gives me my own plateful. I talk to my friends about the amazing new singer on American Idol. We all agree she is the best we have ever heard. After we have eaten, the teacher rings the bell for clean-up time.



Today I go and play dodge ball with my clan, Duncan. We were playing against Robertson. All the members of the clan, from JK – Grade 6, are invited to play. It is a lot of fun to play with my friends and other clan members.



I head down to assembly in the PAR, our Performing Arts Room. All Grade 6s take turns to emcee our assemblies, and my partner, Megan, and I get ready. We’re a little nervous, but it’s fun once you get going, and we announce all the things that are going on in school this week.



Mrs. Long walks in and asks us to take out our math homework from last night. She asks if someone would like to explain and write the answers on the SMART Board. I raise my hand. Today we are working on percentages and decimals. I come up to the board and I write the formula for how to change a percent into a decimal. Then I sit back down at my desk.

 Babysitting Club


At the end of the day, I collect my things, pack up my bag and head to the classroom next door for babysitting club. I sit down next to my friends and we begin learning how to change the baby’s diaper!


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